Recently a very old friend of mine appeared in a mini-documentary on ‘the perspectives of economy’, talking about some of the barriers to living in London. The short but poignant piece looks at the growing trend of ‘creative types’ who are moving out of London so they can have more space, time and freedom to drive forward their artistic or non-traditional projects.  It asks us to think what would happen to slow-paced, neglected suburbia if we injected more creative people into the community who can add their vibrancy and energy like they have been doing in London for generations.

Now, I’ve been too busy with my head in the business to fully appreciate the art scene in Devon, although I know it’s one of the most eclectic in the country. However, the piece did make me think about how inspirational Devon has been to me.  One of the concerns people had when we said we were moving down here, was whether we would miss the driven, highly-motivated clients and colleagues I’ve had the privilege to work with in London.  Of course, I do, but I have to say in the last year I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most inspirational people I have ever known.

So why are these people hiding down here in the sticks? Because they can.  Devon is one of the most beautiful and inspirational places in the UK and its slow sleepy pace allows those who need time to think, to come up with world-leading ideas.  They have worked out the one rule that few Londoners have, that’s it’s not the speed at which you work or the number of hours you clock, it’s doing one or two things better than anyone else. Then finding those clients who appreciate the best, and spend – knowing that they will get results.

So London you may have an abundance of talent, but the regions have experienced, considered and creative thinkers – who don’t feel the same level of pressure, but do appreciate the need to inspire.