Fifty Degrees of Reputation

How to win the hearts and minds of your clients and your people

Time for a regional revolution – careers don’t need to be born & bred in London

Yesterday The Guardian announced that one in four graduates start their working lives in London. No surprise really. As someone who has had a traditionally fairly London-centric career in PR and Communications, I meet  graduates all the time who wouldn’t... Continue Reading →


Is it me or is the solution to the regional skills gap, standing outside the school gates?

During our first year in business we’ve met a lot of companies in the Exeter, Devon, and South West region –and despite their diverse outlooks on business and growth - there's at least one thing they all have in common... Continue Reading →

If ‘open rates’ is how you measure internal comms success – you are missing the point

I find it hilarious in today’s transparent and connected world that people in marketing can treat internal communications like the poor relation.  Often I tell peers that I’m working on a big internal communications project, and they’ll assume I’m writing... Continue Reading →

Five reasons why PR is the perfect place for new businesses to start

Sometimes when we meet start-ups for the first time, I can feel a bit sheepish when the discussion moves to the role of media relations and publicity in their marketing plans.  Although they are keen to build their reputation and... Continue Reading →

Creativity isn’t just a London thing

Recently a very old friend of mine appeared in a mini-documentary on ‘the perspectives of economy’, talking about some of the barriers to living in London. The short but poignant piece looks at the growing trend of ‘creative types’ who... Continue Reading →

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